Student Handbook

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2023-2024 School Year

David T. Wilson Elementary



School Hours: 7:50 a.m. - 2:35 p.m. (tardy at 7:51 a.m.)

Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Breakfast: 7:25 a.m. - 7:50 a.m.

Teacher Hours: 7:35 a.m. - 3:05 p.m.



If your child wishes to participate in after-school activities, a permission slip will be sent home with the child for your approval and signature.  NO student, for ANY reason, will be detained after school or allowed to stay after school without written parental permission or telephone notification.  Students should be picked up promptly at the closing time of each activity.  An activity bus is not available for students at David T. Wilson.

After-school detention will be held as needed and permission given by the parent or guardian.  The student must be picked up by 3:45 p.m.


Please do not drop off your student at school before 7:20 a.m. Our doors will not be unlocked prior to 7:20 a.m., and we will not be able to accommodate students prior to this time.  Upon arrival at school, students are not allowed to leave school unless they first secure permission to do so from the Office.  


Our school day starts at 7:50 am and ends at 2:35 pm.  If your student arrives at school after 7:50 a.m., they will be considered tardy.  Please have them enter through the office door to sign in.  

Medical notes and/or parent notes must be turned in WITHIN 30 DAYS from the date of the absence to be counted as “Excused.”  If they are turned in late, they will be accepted, but WILL NOT BE EXCUSED.  Calling the school or teacher to inform us of an absence will NOT count as “excused”; we MUST have a written note.

Students are allowed a total of 6 parent notes for the year. 

Due to the unfortunate event your child should miss school for a family member’s funeral, please send in an obituary or a copy of the funeral program.  We can code this as a death event, and you will not need to use your parent notes for this.

Please see Meade County Schools Discipline and Behavior Code for more details. 


All students enrolling in a Kentucky public school are required to present a certified copy of their birth certificate within 30 days of enrollment.  Certificates issued by the hospital ARE NOT certified copies.  Failure to present appropriate documentation may result in denial of enrollment and notification to a law enforcement agency.


Breakfast and lunch are both offered at NO CHARGE for all elementary students in the school district. 


For the safety of your child, please notify the office IMMEDIATELY of any changes in address, phone number, emergency contacts, and persons authorized to pick up your child.


Any teacher, school administrator, or other school personnel who knows or has reasonable cause to believe that a child under age eighteen (18) is an abused or neglected child shall immediately report or cause reports to be made to the proper authorities.  This is the law (KRS 620.030), and this law will be carried out to its fullest intent here at our school.


David T. Wilson Elementary is a Positive Behavior Support School.  We have posted school expectations that are taught school-wide. Individual teachers have their own set of rewards/consequences, and these will be communicated to you by your child’s teachers.  Each teacher will send home a copy of his/her plan within the first five days of school or a student's enrollment in school.  School-wide positive rewards will vary throughout this year and will be communicated in advance of their implementation.


To address concerns in the most efficient manner, we respectfully request concerns be discussed with the teacher or individual involved.  If a solution cannot be reached, the complaint should be brought to the attention of the principal.  The principal will consult with the individuals involved, and if necessary, arrange for a conference with all involved parties.


Regular communication between parents and the school is strongly encouraged!  We offer various methods of communication which may include: our school web page, Facebook page, school newsletters, class DOJO, and/or Remind Texts.  If conferences are needed with your child's teacher, the principal, or the counselor, please call the school or email the teacher to set up an appointment. 

”Like” David T. Wilson’s Facebook page ( to keep up with news and activities at our school.  As well as sharing information, we will include pictures of our staff and students from various events:  Red Ribbon Week, cross country, archery, academic teams, field trips, STLP, etc.  Please remember that this public forum will never be a place to discuss individual student business, but rather to share general information that will be appreciated by a broad audience.  


DTW Elementary School will follow the Meade County Schools Discipline and Behavior Code. The principal and teachers will implement appropriate discipline and classroom management techniques that work best for each individual teacher and student, with the support and reinforcement of the principal.  Discipline referrals shall be used by teachers when sending students to the office (except in emergency situations).  A "no bullying" plan will be enforced with students.


We will make every effort to give medications to your child as needed during the school day.  Below are the guidelines that will be followed:

All medications must be brought to school by a parent.  No medications are to be transported on the bus.  Students may not carry on them any medications unless there is a permission form completed by the parent and a form signed by a physician.

Prescription Medications:

  • A medication permission form must be completed by the parent/legal guardian before medications will be given at school.  If two medications are to be given, two permission forms must be completed.

  • All medications must be sent to the school in the original prescription bottle.

  • Dosage, times of administration, and the name of the drug must match the information completed by the parent/legal guardian on the permission form.

  • At any time the dosage is changed, a new permission form must be completed.

  • The initial dose of any medication must be given at home.

  • Parents will be notified when a refill is needed.  Please bring only a one-month supply of any medication.

  • Inhalers and Epi-Pens may be carried by the student. An “Authorization for Self-Administration of Medication” form must be completed and given to the Office.

  • When a medication is discontinued, any unused medicine will be destroyed if after two phone calls to the parent, the remaining medication is not picked up.  This also applies to any medication at the school after the last day of the year.

Over-the-counter Medications:

  • Over-the-counter medications (i.e., Tylenol, cough drops, ointments, etc.) will be given at school when they are brought by the parent with a written permission form in the original packaging.  They will be given for three days and then will need to be picked up by the parent.

Various Health Issues:

  • State Law requires that every student enrolled in a public school must have evidence of a current immunization record.  Please check with your physician or the health department for specific requirements.  The immunization certificate MUST be on a Kentucky certificate, and any physical exams should be submitted on the appropriate form.

  • If a student is found to have evidence of head lice, a parent/guardian will be called to pick up the student from school.  If a child is found to have head lice at school on more than one occasion, proof of treatment may be required before the child can return to school.


Report cards will be sent home with the students at the end of each nine weeks grading period.  Parents may check students' grades through Infinite Campus Parent Portal at any time to inform parents of the student’s progress. All report cards need to be signed and sent back to the student’s homeroom teacher.  Please feel free to contact your child's teacher for Parent Conferences as the need arises throughout the year.  

Infinite Campus Parent Portal provides you with instant access to accurate, current, and confidential information about your child's school attendance, class assignments, grades, and more!  If you are a first-time user, you will be assigned a Campus Portal Activation Key.  If you already have an account from last year, you will continue using that account.  

Grading Period Ends

Reports Cards

        October 13, 2023

        October 16, 2023

      December 15, 2023

        December 19, 2023

        March 8, 2024

        May 15, 2024

        March 11, 2024

        Last Day of School

*Dates could change due to inclement weather.


Student grades will be reported on the following scale:







90 – 100

80 – 89

70 – 79

60 – 69

Below 59



The goal of the Family Resource Center is to support students and families in removing barriers to learning. All children (and their families) enrolled in David T. Wilson (DTW) and Brandenburg Hahn Primary School (BHP) may use the Center's services and resources, regardless of the income of the family.  They are available during regular school hours and other times by appointment.

The Center has a local advisory council comprised of school personnel, parents of students in both schools, and community representatives.  The advisory council meets regularly to discuss and plan the events of the Center.  If you would like to be involved, please let them know.

Services offered by the Family Resource Center include:  information and referrals to community resources, child care referrals, health care referrals, family fun activities, a lending library, after-school programs, counseling referrals, transportation assistance, holiday assistance, parent classes and workshops, recreational activities and summer learning programs.  They also coordinate the monthly school newsletter and assist with updating our school Facebook page.


We encourage you to write your child’s name on their belongings!  All lost and found items are turned in to the office.  Please ask your child to check in the office whenever an item is lost.  Unclaimed items will be taken to a Clothes Closet or other appropriate agency.  Please do not allow your child to bring valuables to school that need special safeguards, such as jewelry, money, toys, electronic devices and cell phones.  These items can be lost very easily or stolen; we cannot be responsible for such items.   


As a school, we strive to help students make up all work possible when they are absent. However, students or their parents/guardians are responsible for requesting make-up work immediately upon the student's return to school.  If the dates of a student's absence are known in advance, please notify the teacher as soon as possible to make arrangements for missed assignments.

Please remember that much of a student’s class time is spent working in groups, working on projects, and/or working on “hands-on” activities.  Therefore, make-up work will sometimes not be available.


The Meade County School Board Policy #09.12311 states: 

"The Board shall release the student or information concerning the student to a parent, guardian, or individual acting as a  parent of a student in the absence of a parent or guardian unless the school has been provided with evidence that there is a  state law or court order governing such matters as divorce, separation or custody, or a legally binding document which provides instruction to the contrary. 

Release of the student or information concerning the student coming from a single parent or a divorced/separated parent will  be accomplished according to the following procedures: 

Unless the school has been informed and given evidence of state law or court order concerning the status of a student: 

1. Both parents shall have equal access to any information concerning the student. 

2. Both parents shall have the right to release the student under their care." 


Our Council is the policy-making body of our school.  Generally speaking, day-to-day concerns, complaints, and/or problems still must be directed to the principal.  Anyone may address the Council by submitting, in writing, a desire to speak three (3) days before any regularly scheduled meeting.  The speaker's time may be limited to 3-5 minutes at each monthly meeting.  Our Council consists of six members:  three teachers, two parents, and the principal.

At present, our Council has created policy in the seven areas that a Council may choose to create policy.  Generally speaking, our Council creates policy through a committee system made up of teachers, classified personnel, guardians, and parents.  You are encouraged to participate in the committee process.  Please contact the school if you are interested in serving on a School Council Committee.


The telephone in the office is to be used by students for emergencies or school-related business only.  

The staff discourages students from bringing cell phones to school due to disrupting the educational process.  If you feel it is necessary for your child to have a cell phone at school, it must be turned off and remain out of sight during the school day so it will not interfere with classroom instruction.  

If cell phones are out or being used during instructional times, the cell phone will be confiscated and remain with the principal until the parent picks it up.  Once the phone is picked up by the parent, it is not to return to school with the student. Disciplinary action could result from the intentional, improper use of the cell phone.  Please help us in this matter by teaching children the responsible use of technology.   


Textbooks are given to students FREE of charge on a LOAN basis.  If a textbook, or other item belonging to the school is lost, misused, or damaged, it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to pay the appropriate cost of repair or replacement.

All library books checked out by students become the responsibility of each student until properly returned to the library.  If a student loses or damages a library book, the parents or guardians must pay to replace the book.


It is the policy of our school that students DO NOT bring toys or games to school unless given permission by their teacher.  These items are often expensive, and the school cannot guarantee the safety or care of the item for the student.  Any items brought to school without this permission will be collected and will have to be picked up by the parent or guardian.  Please help with this policy by making sure your child does not bring toys or games to school.


Due to the safety of all our children, students will not be allowed to walk to or from school for ANY reason.  All students must be picked up by the parent/guardian or will be transported by the bus.  Please send a note with your student if there is a change in their transportation.  If the change occurs after your child arrives at school, you may call the office (preferably before 2:00 p.m.) to make the change.  

Students who ride buses must ride their regularly scheduled bus. If a bus rider will be picked up by someone as a car rider, a note must be sent in with the student.  Please make sure this person is listed as an emergency contact for your child.

If your child is planning to go home as a car rider with another student, please send a note giving permission to do so.   All notes are logged and stamped in the office, and the student is to show the note to the car rider staff person.  This is for the protection of your child.

Please note, buses will not be allowing extra riders this year due to spacing. 


  1. Pants, skirts, skorts, jumpers/dresses, or shorts must be one solid color (navy, black, maroon, or khaki) and may not be jeans material. Shorts, skirts, skorts, or dresses should reach mid-thigh.

  2. Blouses/polos be one solid color (white, navy, maroon, or hunter green).

  3. T-shirts that may be worn are solid navy. maroon, or hunter green t-shirts, the David T. Wilson Elementary (school-approved) t-shirt with the school logo in school colors (purchased through the school office), or the school-provided House t-shirt.

  4. Sweaters, vests, sweatshirts, or lightweight jackets must be white, navy, maroon, or hunter green and may be worn as needed.  An exception for black lightweight jackets to be worn is allowed.  No coats will be worn inside the building.  School-purchased House hoodies or sweatshirts may be worn.

  5. A tie that coordinates with the school uniform may be worn, but no characters on the tie are allowed.

  6. Leggings should only be worn with dresses, skirts, or long tops that hit mid-thigh or lower.

  7. All clothing must be appropriately sized for the individual student and free of any holes.

  8. Shoes must be worn at all times.  Tennis shoes are recommended.  Cleats or shoes with wheels will not be allowed.

Do’s and Dont’s of Leggings

Uniforms are required at David T. Wilson. Only designated days will be identified as free dress days.  Outfits need to adhere to David T. Wilson Elementary School's free dress policy (see next section).  

ADDITIONAL FREE DRESS POLICY:  Only designated days will be identified as free dress days.  Outfits need to adhere to the David T. Wilson Elementary School dress code.

  1. On scheduled free-dress days, students must wear appropriate attire.

  2. Clothing with inappropriate phrases or advertising drugs/alcohol may not be worn.

  3. Tank tops, clothing that exposes the midriff or back, or tops with spaghetti straps must be worn with a t-shirt.

  4. Shorts, skirts, or dresses which at least reach mid-thigh may be worn.

  5. Pants worn in the “sagging” fashion will not be allowed.

  6. No head coverings are allowed.  Hats/caps are permitted inside the building only on special days.

  7. Cosmetics (make-up) are not allowed.

  8. Anything deemed to be distracting, including unnatural hair colors such as pink, purple, etc. is prohibited for students.

  9. Drawings, writings, or tattoos on any body parts are not allowed.

  10. With the exception of ears, no body-piercing jewelry is permitted.

  11. Leggings should only be worn with dresses, skirts, or long tops that hit at mid-thigh or lower.

  12. Any clothing with open holes above the knee will be a dress code violation.  Students are to wear leggings or tights to cover up any skin from showing above the knee.

Students not in compliance with the dress code will receive a minor office referral which will result in a letter home, call to parents, and/or provided with a school uniform for the day.  If provided a school uniform, please launder and return the next day.  RULE OF THUMB – IF YOU’RE NOT SURE WHETHER CLOTHING FOLLOWS DRESS CODE, DON’T WEAR IT!


At David T. Wilson, your child’s safety is our top priority!  The school safety law, Senate Bill 1, mandates certain requirements when visiting schools.  First, visitors must state their purpose for entering the school.  Additionally, the law states that ALL visitors must report to the front office of the school and produce a valid identification.  If visiting areas outside of the office, visitors must wear a visitor’s badge provided by the office.  When you visit DTW, you will be asked to do the following:

  1. Ring the school buzzer system outside the office door to gain access to the front office.

  2. Once prompted, state your name and reason for your visit, and show your ID.

  3. If you are visiting areas outside the office, you will sign in using our Ident-A-Kid electronic system and be given a visitor’s badge.  You will sign out when you end your visit.


In order to participate in field trips, celebrations, or other school activities adults are required by Kentucky House Bill 136, to complete a School Volunteer Background Check Request and must be approved PRIOR to volunteering with students.  These forms may be picked up in the office.  All parents/guardians are encouraged to complete one each year so they are able to volunteer/chaperone as needed.  The cost for each background check is $10.00.  


Notice to Individiuals Regarding Title IX Sexual Harassment/Discrimination





David T. Wilson (DTW) Elementary School

Title I/II Parent Involvement Policy

DTW  Elementary Title I/II has adopted the following parent involvement policy and plan. It is our mission to assist students in developing skills necessary to become life-long learners.  We strive for all students to reach a high level of academic performance as they prepare to become productive members of society.

DTW Elementary shall involve parents in Title I/II planning, review, and improvement programs, including parent involvement activities.

Parents of students shall be provided:

  • timely information and opportunities to attend regular meetings such as family reading nights and guest speakers

  • parent/teacher conferences where the student’s progress will be discussed (if requested)

  • a timely response to any parent suggestion.

EL parents of students shall be provided:

  • information regarding Title I/II activities in the native language of parents via letter, phone call, etc…..if needed

  • individual or small group conferences with students from EL families to inform them of upcoming Title I/II activities as needed

DTW Elementary & the Meade County School District has developed a Title I/II parent-student-school learning compact that describes:

  • the school’s responsibility to provide high-quality instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that will enable students to meet the state’s expectations

  • ways in which each parent will be responsible for supporting his/her child’s learning

  • the student’s responsibility for his/her behavior and academic achievement

November 11, 2011

 Reviewed &  Amended 4/21/22

Reviewed & Approved 5/19/22